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We understand how frustrating it is to find a job and want you to know that every month we have thousands of people just like you visiting our website looking for work with a felony on their record.  The great news is that you finally stumbled on the resource you need to get employed again. Our entire website is dedicated to helping you find employment and our job search has thousands of new jobs and employers added daily.

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Felon Friendly Job Board

One of the unique offerings that we have here at Jobs For Felons Hub is our own job board.  The beauty of this job board is that companies come to our website to post here directly and they're already aware that you have a felony and don't mind so long as you're a good employee. 

If you're an employer, please post your job opening here.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the employers listed on this job board and have no relationship with them.  We are simply acting as an intermediary and it's up to you and the employer to discuss payment and terms of employment.  If you apply and find something suspicious, please contact us at so we can investigate.

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    Companies That Hire Felons

    The list of companies that hire felons we have created has been developed after hours of scouring the internet to create the most accurate and comprehensive list available.  

    We have partnered with the leading job search engine and company information database in the world to give you the following information about each company:

    • Job Listings specific to the company
    • Company Approval Rating
    • Employee Satisfaction Rating
    • Culture and Values Rating
    • Senior Leadership Rating
    • Compensation and Benefit Rating
    • Career Advancement Opportunity Rating
    • Work/Life Balance Rating

    Temp Agencies

    Oftentimes those who have been released don't realize that Temp Agencies can be an amazing place to find new employment opportunities.  In fact, it's not uncommon for a former felon to be able to be hired from a temp agency and work at a company that they otherwise would never get a job at.  Wondering why this is?

    Well, when a company uses a temp agency they typically rely on the agency to do all of the background check information.  So, the company itself never actually does a background check and sometimes the temp agency doesn't either.  The result?  You're able to work at a company through the temp agency without a problem.  

    Self Employment Resources

    Have you ever thought about the fact that you don't need to have an employer to make your own money?

    Sure, when you have an employer it's nice because they provide you with a consistent paycheck and job security, but how many extremely successful people can you name who have gotten that way by working for other people?

    The answer is not many and maybe this means it's time for you to consider becoming your own boss, or at least become a consultant.

    The beauty about this lifestyle is that your felony is no longer an issue because YOU are the boss and YOU determine your own work hours, hourly pay rate, and more.  Below is a list of resources to help. This is the largest freelancer website in the entire world. Odds are that you have some type of skill that would be valuable to someone else and people are more than willing to pay those that are hard working. If you have technical skills that's ideal, but this website also works for people who are writers, sales and marketing (work at home, over the phone), administration, and so much more. Heck, people even hire voice overs for their videos on this website. This website, or should I say marketplace, is absolutely awesome for people trying to learn or teach new skills. Simply put, this is a HUGE marketplace with over 50,000 courses. Some courses are free and others cost money, but the neat thing is you can actually create your own course for free and charge others to take it.

    Craigslist: Odds are that you know of Craigslist, but if not, it is a great place to find jobs quickly that typically don't require background checks if you look in the right areas. If you look in the "Jobs" section and search under "General Labor" or "Customer Service", you'll often find jobs that won't put too much emphasis on your record. Remember, most companies that post here need something pretty quickly and are usually local small businesses looking for talent. The big companies tend to use places like and, so this is a great place to start a job search. If you have a computer and can type, you can be your own boss. Transcription is the practice of listening to someone else's audio files and typing all of the things being said into a computer. This particular website is one of the few that are solely focused on helping people understand exactly how to get a job in transcription and find jobs to keep them busy. Even though this website is mainly focused on teen jobs, it has a substantial list of entry level jobs.  Those with a felony tend to have a better chance of getting entry level jobs because they require little to no experience and often times are a great place to start working again.  The one issue with this website is you'll need to research if the companies will hire felons, but there are a lot of companies listed here that aren't on our website and should give you additional ideas.

    Job Training Resources

    For some felons, it isn't necessarily their record that is prohibiting them from getting a job. Instead, it is their lack of knowledge and training that employers notice which disqualifies them from becoming employed again. This is a very common issue, so we have compiled a list of different resources that you can use to get the skills you need to find a new job, or even try to make your own business.

    Some of the job training resources below are free while others cost money, but we are confident in the platforms we are recommending and hope that you find them helpful.

    Please note that some of the resources below are affiliates of our website. This means that you are supporting our website by using these links because if you choose to use these resources, at no additional cost to you, we will be given a small commission. Note that we never list resources here unless we are sure that they will help you and encourage you to only use them if you think they will help you too.

    Our FREE Guide: Getting employed with a felony isn't a simple task and we've created this guide to help. Whether you are looking to work for others or want to become self employed, this guide will explain your options and provide you with tips along the way. Lynda was recently purchased by and, in our opinion, has the highest quality courses out there. The platform has over 3,500 courses available that focus on topics which will give you highly sought after job skills from employers.

    The best part? You can access everything for free with a 10-day trial.

    Udemy Course Marketplace: Udemy currently has over 7 million students and over 30,000 courses. This platform allows industry specialists to create their own courses and give them away for free, or sell them. The platform often has sales where courses cost less than advertised,but make sure you sign-up as a member and give a valid email address so that you are notified. This platform has over 7,000 courses and focuses on three core topics for their courses which are business, computer, and safety compliance. The cool thing though is that they offer a free trial and even if you do become a member, it's $14.99/month or $149.99/year so the price is very reasonable.

    The resources below aren't necessarily for job training, but they are helpful if you are looking for a job. If you aren't that great at writing resumes, or don't have a lot of job experience, here's an awesome resource for you. This is an easy to use online resume builder where you can create a beautiful resume from one of their pre-made templates absolutely free. The website walks you through each step and by the end you'll have a resume ready to go for potential employers.  The largest online job marketplace out there.  If you have a computer and skills with technology, this is a great place to look to find freelance work.  There is plenty of it, just create a profile and you can get going in minutes and it's free. Writing a resume is a very difficult task and it becomes even more difficult when you have a felony on your record. Instead of doing it yourself, it may make sense to hire a resume writing service to make sure you get it right. This service will do exactly that and has over 15 years of experience and a team of certified resume writers. In our opinion the best part about this service is that if you use it, you will collaborate directly with resume writer and they will custom write everything for you.

    Free Employment Guide

    Getting employed with a felony isn't a simple task and we've created a FREE guide to help. Whether you are looking to work for others or want to become self employed, this guide will explain your options and provide you with tips along the way.

    So, what does the guide cover?

    • The Importance of Mindset and Stories of Success
    • Deciding Your Career Path
    • The importance of Social Networks
    • Tips to get Employed by Traditional Employers
    • How to get Job Skills With or Without Traditional Schooling
    • How to Become a Freelancer and Work for Yourself
    • Starting Your Own Business With Very Little Investment